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Hello friends, here on this page I am gathering all the templates I have for different macaron shapes.

I always get questions about how I make my macaron templates.

I usually make my templates by going on Canva and trying to make them myself. And sometimes I use photoshop to alter the design to fit my needs. And I also have an illustrator who helps me when I can’t find or make what I need.

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Click on each template to download, then you can print them and use at home! Place the template under your mat or parchment paper.

Do I have to remove the template from under the mat or parchment before baking?

I always like to remove the templates before baking the macarons. The paper under the mat will offer a barrier between the tray and the macarons, which will cause the macarons to have smaller feet because of the extra protection against the heat, so I strongly recommend removing it before baking.

Mirrored Templates

Certain designs require you to print side 1 and side 2, pipe, and bake both side, otherwise you won’t be able to combine the cookies and form the macaron sandwich.

So let’s get to the templates.

Round Macaron Templates

Let’s start with the basics. I prefer using a silicone mat with a template already in it. But for the longest time I printed my own circle templates and placed under parchment paper to be able to pipe my macarons. If you prefer using parchment paper that’s great, so here are some templates you can use to pipe your macarons.

Find below different sizes, some people prefer to pipe their shells 1.75″ and some prefer 2″ shells. I personally like my shells slightly bigger, towards 2″.

I am also offering mini macaron templates, so you can pipe small shells. I personally love making mini macarons, they are fun to make, and also fun to eat.

Lastly, find the template for large 4 inch macarons, that you can use to make beautiful macaron cakes!

Giraffe Macaron Template

Here we have two different giraffe templates, one is for a large giraffe (which I like to think of as the Mama Giraffe) measuring 4″ in height, and the other one is for the baby giraffe, measuring about 2.75″ in height.

Remember to print side 1 and side 2 for each, they are mirrored, so you’ll be able to combine them into the “macaron sandwich”, if you pipe just one side, you won’t be able to combine the macarons later to form the macaron sandwich.

You can check out my Giraffe Macarons here.

Giraffe Macarons with heart sprinkles around, and a mama and a baby giraffe.

Beer Macaron Template

This is a fun template, when I made it, I also added a royal icing decoration to the foam part, and painted the mug with food coloring to add some details to the macaron.

Remember to print side 1 and side 2 for each, they are mirrored, so you’ll be able to combine them into the “macaron sandwich”, if you pipe just one side, you won’t be able to combine the macarons later to form the macaron sandwich.

Find the recipe for the Beer Macarons here.

macarons shaped like beer.

Flamingo Macaron Template

These Flamingo Macarons are some of my most popular macarons. Find the template below!

Remember to print side 1 and side 2 for each, they are mirrored, so you’ll be able to combine them into the “macaron sandwich”, if you pipe just one side, you won’t be able to combine the macarons later to form the macaron sandwich.

Flamingo Macarons.

Easter Macaron Templates

Here are some fun Easter Macaron Templates. Bunnies, carrots, eggs, find your favorite shape, print them, place them under your mat or parchment, and pipe away! It will make Easter fun!

spread of easter macarons, macarons shaped like bunnies, carrot macarons, nest macarons, and robins eggs macarons.

Heart Macaron Templates

Here we have a few different heart templates as featured on the blog. The Heart Shaker Macarons have a window in the middle, they are nearly 4 inches in width because it’s easier to pipe the borders of the heart if the template is large. I am also including 2.5″ template and a 2″ template. You can find how I used the 2″ template here, and the 2.5″ template was used to make these beautiful Heart Brownie Macarons.

Christmas Macaron Templates

These are the perfect Christmas Macaron Templates!

We will start off with the Reindeer Template.

Reindeer Macarons

These Penguin Macarons are super cute and perfect for Christmas!

macarons shaped like penguins.

And lastly we have these cute Gingerbread Men Macarons.

Gingerbread men shaped macarons

St. Patrick’s Day Macaron Templates

I offer 3 different kinds of St. Patrick’s Day Macaron Templates: Shamrock Macarons, Rainbow Macarons, and Pot of Gold Macarons, check them out below.

When making the rainbow macarons, make sure to print both sides – side 1 and side 2, so you can form the macaron sandwich properly.

rainbow macarons and macarons shaped like pots of gold, filled with gold sprinkle coins, and with mini gold macarons.

Watermelon Macaron Template

Watermelon Macarons were some of the most fun I’ve ever made. Download the template below and make sure to watch the video and read the post on this page so you can learn how to pipe them.

Pumpkin Macaron Template

These are by far the most popular downloaded template on my blog. Find the full recipe and video for the Pumpkin Macarons here. I also published a template for 3-section pumpkins instead of 5. They are a bit easier to pipe, and they are mirrored because the stem is facing sideways, you can always just print one template and pipe the stem upright.

macarons shaped like pumpkins.
Pumpkin Macarons shaped like pumpkins, on a plate seen from the top with pumpkins around and a sign saying harvest.

Apple Macaron Template

This is another very popular template. The apple template can be found below, and the full recipe and video can be found here.

Make sure to print and pipe both sides, so you can form the macaron sandwich.

macarons shaped like apples on a plate with caramel sauce on the side and an apple.

Square Macaron Template

Square Macarons are definitely hard to pipe. I have made them for the Minecraft Macaron set that you can find here. I have also included below the template for the TNT macarons, I recommend strongly that you watch the video on YouTube before making them, square macarons can be very tricky.

Sea Star Macaron Template

Find below templates for sea star macarons, make sure to print side 1 and side 2, so you are able to make the macaron sandwich.

Pineapple Macaron Template

I had this Pineapple Macaron Template for a while but still haven’t had a chance to use it. Still I thought it would be nice to make it available to anyone who wants to make them.

I hope you enjoyed the templates. I will continue to update this page with new templates every time I make a new one.

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