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Hello bakers, I am Camila Hurst!

Welcome to Pies and Tacos!

I am so excited to have you here. I created this blog to share delicious recipes with the world. My passion is to create beautiful and incredible desserts that anybody can make at home!

My goal is to teach you how to make delicious desserts from scratch to impress your guests, friends, and family!

Pies and Tacos

I am from Brazil and came to the United States in 2011.

I currently live in Florida, near sandy beaches and crystal clear waters with my husband and son.

I started the blog while working as a waitress in New York. Baking and creating recipes was my creative outlet and also a coping mechanism to help me deal with my mental health at the time.

I would spend so much time in the kitchen, testing recipes, writing them down, creating five course meals, or cakes and desserts for people at work, my friends, family, and neighbors.

Soon my baking dream became too small for my little New York kitchen so I decided to start sharing with the world.

On October 16th 2017 I created Pies and Tacos.

And here we are today, 2 cookbooks, one online course, hundreds of recipes later, expanding our baking skills and sharing our love for the world of desserts together!

Thanks for being here!

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What you will find in this blog

I share the most delicious dessert recipes at Pies and Tacos. Here you will find amazing cheesecake recipes, stunning cakes, cupcakes with delicious flavors, incredible macarons, scrumptious cookies, pies, pastries, and more!

Pies and Tacos became a household name for macaron learning. Here you will find over 150 macaron recipes.

There’s a section of the blog dedicated to macaron knowledge, and I help you improve your macaron skills by sharing videos and articles about how to master macarons.

You can also check out my course Macaron School where I teach you everything about macarons.

Want to Work With Me?

I love working with awesome brands that align with my content, through photography or video services, recipe development, and sponsorships.

Get in touch with me, and let’s talk!

My Cookbooks

Find more delicious recipes in my cookbooks!

Fantastic Filled Cupcakes Cookbook

In this book you will find 56 fantastic recipes for amazing filled cupcakes.

Macaron School Cookbook

A book with 50 filling recipes, plus 10 shell recipes. Troubleshooting section, tips, basics, and more!

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