Hello friends! I am finally publishing a macaron book! This is Macaron School – How to Master the World’s Most Perfect Cookie with 50 Delicious Recipes!

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Macaron School Cookbook

About Macaron School Cookbook

This is a book that I’ve wanted to write for a really long time. I fell in love with macarons a few years ago. In the beginning I loved their taste, the endless flavor possibilities, and the fact that you can decorate them in so many different ways, shapes, and colors. Macarons are like a blank canvas. As I continued to share them on my blog and social media, and connect with bakers all over the world, my passion shifted from only making them, to also teaching about them in depth as I continue to explore and learn.

blue macarons filled with caramel sauce.
Caramel Fleur de Sel Macarons from the book Macaron School

The whole secret about making macarons is finding out what works best for you through equipping yourself with as much knowledge as possible, watching videos, reading blogs, books, following macaron teachers on Instagram, and most importantly, putting things in practice and trying for yourself.

The book is divided between the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Before you start
  • Materials needed
  • Ingredients
  • Tips and Tricks for mastering macarons
  • Shells recipes (10 different flavors)
  • Macaron recipes (50 different macaron fillings and decorations)
  • Decorating techniques
  • Troubleshooting
5 images showing various macarons, the first picture is chocolate macarons filled with toffee, the second is pink macarons topped with a drizzle and pomegranate seeds, on the bottom there are yellow macarons with a honey comb in the center, the last two pictures are peppermint macarons with crushed peppermint candy on top, and purple macarons on the bottom.


  • When is the book going to be released?

The book will be released on March 1st 2022.

  • Is it going to be available internationally?

Yes, at select locations. Distribution in different countries depends on the local distributors.

  • Why is it not available for pre-order in my country?

It is only available for pre-order in the US as of right now, but this might change soon at a date tbd.

  • Are there going to be vegan recipes in the book?

No vegan recipes in this book, maybe next book 😉

  • How many recipes are in the book?

50 different filling recipes, 10 different flavored shell recipes.

  • Are all the recipes exclusive or are they from the website?

All the recipes are exclusive and have not been published before.

  • Is the book going to be released in different languages?

Just in English.

Where to find it?

I hope the Macaron School cookbook becomes a valuable resource in your journey to learn how to make beautiful macarons! When writing the book and the instructions, I was as thorough as possible, and have included a lot of details and pictures. And I do hope you love the exclusive filling recipes, I have a few all time favorite fillings in the book (hello Brownie Batter macarons!). And because I receive so many messages everyday with questions and comments, I was able to incorporate the most frequently asked questions and themes in the pages of the book.

This book wouldn’t be possible without you! Thank you for being here!