Vegan Vanilla Macarons with Sprinkles (plus video)

Hello my baker friends! Let’s bake some more vegan macarons today! Today’s flavor is Vegan Vanilla Macarons with sprinkles, and multi-color buttercream filling. This post also includes a video on how to make the macarons!

Vegan Vanilla Macarons with Sprinkles and colorful frosting

Let’s start out by saying how much in love I am with these beautiful Vegan Vanilla Macarons! Cause I am deeply in love with them. With their color, with the sprinkles on top, with everything!

Vegan Vanilla Macarons with Sprinkles and multi-color buttercream on a wooden board

If you have been following the blog, you know how much I love baking Vegan Desserts. And also, how lately I have been getting into Vegan Macarons.

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My vegan macaron baking journey has been evolving, and I feel the progress with each batch.

I’ve had my rough patch with the vegan macarons, as well as with the regular ones. And any macaron baker will tell you they had their own share of failures when it comes to mastering these cookies.

vegan vanilla macarons with sprinkles and multi-color vegan buttercream filling

I hope my videos on Youtube and on my other blog posts, as well as my tips, can help you on your own macaron baking journey.

Tips on how to make Vegan Macarons

So, on this Vegan Vanilla Macarons post, I want to share with you some tips on how to make Vegan Macarons that I have learned so far.


Make sure to whip the aquafaba to stiff peaks. It’s very important that the peaks are shooting straight up, not soft or bending down.

Please read this Vegan Macaron Basics Guide and also this Vegan Macaron Troubleshooting Guide for more information that will be very helpful to you when making vegan macarons.

If you don’t know what to do with so many chickpeas leftover from using all the brine, check out my Chickpea Tacos, or this Chickpea Salad.

Vegan Vanilla Macarons with Sprinkles

What temperature to bake Vegan Macarons

So this is a huge one guys! When I started making vegan macarons, I was using the Italian method. And that required a very low oven temperature. My macarons had very tiny feet and were often lopsided. My results were not consistent, it was a hit or miss. Now, looking back, I believe the low temperature might have been a big culprit.

Even when I started using the French Method, with my Biscoff Macarons, I was still using a low temperature (215 F). And it worked fine for a couple of batches. But then, every batch after had: lopsided shells all over the place!

The trick to fixing that problem is to use a higher temperature. I’ve used 310 Fahrenheit for a while, but that was causing the feet of my macaron to explode. So now I am using 285ºF.

Please read this Vegan Matcha Macaron post to understand your oven better, with tips on how to figure out the best temperature for your oven, and why it’s so important to have an oven thermometer.

Vegan Vanilla Macarons with Sprinkles

So, if you are asking yourself: why are my macarons coming out lopsided? The answer might lie in your oven temperature. Your temperature might be too low. If your macarons have tiny feet, and they are also lopsided, it’s most likely a low temperature issue.

If your macarons have huge feet, exploding to the side, and they are lopsided, the temperature might be too high, which is why so important to have an oven thermometer.

Huge exploding feet may also be due to over mixing the batter, as you can see on the Vegan Macaron Troubleshooting Guide.

Whip that aquafaba!

When should I stop whipping the aquafaba? Guys, it’s *almost* impossible to overwhip the aquafaba. So I say, keep whipping it until the peaks are really stiff! Underwhipping the aquafaba will cause for macarons that will not hold their shape at all.

I start whipping the aquafaba on low for about 1 minute with the cream of tartar (you can use vinegar if you can’t find cream of tartar).

After about 1 minute, once the aquafaba is starting to get white and foamy, raise the speed to medium. Whip on medium for another 2 minutes.

Once the aquafaba is white, and the whisk is leaving streak marks in the meringue, start adding the granulated sugar gradually, a little bit at a time, as you raise the speed to high.

Keep whipping on high for another 5-8 minutes. I usually whip for a total of 10 minutes from beginning to end. The peaks should be straight up, the meringue should be glossy.

Vegan Vanilla Macarons with Sprinkles

So these are my tips for baking Vegan Macarons for today!

Vegan Vanilla Macarons with Sprinkles on wooden board

If you would like to know where to buy Vegan Sprinkles, this is a pretty cool guide with lots of information on brands and where to find vegan sprinkles.

Here are some suggestions of vegan sprinkles for you:

Vegan Vanilla Macarons with Sprinkles

Here are some more Vegan Macarons ideas for you:

(If you want to keep using the French method I cover in this recipe -which I highly recommend- you can get the ideas for the fillings from these other posts too)

Vegan Vanilla Macarons with Sprinkles

I hope you enjoyed these Vegan Vanilla Macarons and my tips on how to make vegan macarons. If you give them a try tag me on instagram, and leave a review below!

These are some of the products I use to make macarons:

This is the container I use to store the macarons.

These are the piping bags I use.

This is the baking mat I use.

Vegan Vanilla Macarons with Sprinkles and colorful frosting

Vegan Vanilla Macarons with Sprinkles

Camila Hurst
These Vegan Macarons are filled with a Vegan Vanilla Buttercream, topped with sprinkles. I made the filling multicolor to make these festive!
4.18 from 23 votes
Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 40 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American, French
Servings 20 macarons
Calories 100 kcal


Vegan Macaron Shells
  • 75 grams aquafaba (water from a chickpea can)
  • 110  grams  almond flour
  • 110  grams  powdered sugar
  • 1/4  teaspoon  cream of tartar
  • 66  grams  granulated sugar
Vegan Vanilla Buttercream
  • 2 tablespoons vegan butter 1 oz, 28 grams
  • 2 tablespoons shortening 1 oz, 28 grams**
  • 1 1/2 cup powdered sugar sifted (6.61 oz, 187.5 grams)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


Vegan Macaron Shells
  • Gather all of the ingredients before starting to make macarons. Measure out all ingredients. Line two baking sheets with silicon mats. And fit a large piping bag with a large round tip, I use a 0.5" diameter. You want everything ready to go when you need it.
  • Sift the almond flour and powdered sugar together. Set aside.
  • Place the aquafaba and cream of tartar in the bowl of a mixer.
  • Start whipping on low speed for about 2 minutes, until it starts to get white and thick.
  • At this point, raise speed to high, start to add granulated sugar, slowly, a bit at a time.
  • Continue to whip until the aquafaba achieves stiff peaks.
  • The whole whipping, from beginning to end, should last about 10 minutes. It can last more or less time depending on what mixer you are using, and what speed.
  • Add the sifted dry ingredients to whipped aquafaba. Start folding with a spatula slowly.
  • Add food coloring at this point, if using any.
  • Fold forming a letter J with the spatula.
  • Fold until the batter is flowing slightly. You don’t want the batter to be flowing continuously off the spatula. When it comes to vegan macarons, the folding time is very very brief. You are basically just looking to incorporate the dry ingredients with the meringue. Please watch the video to see what the consistency should look like. If you grab a spatula full of batter and hold it over the bowl, it should still be separating in chunks, and not flowing continuously on a ribbon. Do not get to the ribbons stage! If you get to the ribbon stage, the macaron feet will spread out in the oven.
  • Transfer the batter to the piping bag.
  • Pipe 1 1/2” circles on a baking sheet lined with silicon mat. I usually use 2 sheets. This will depend on how big you pipe your macarons.
  • Bang the trays against the counter to release air bubbles.
  • Use a toothpick to pop any remaining bubbles.
  • If using sprinkles, make sure to sprinkle them before the macaron shells dry. Sprinkle them on half of the sprinkles, as you will want the other half to be used as the bottom of the macaron sandwich.
  • Let the trays rest for 30-45 minutes until the shells are dry. Test this by touching a macaron gently with your finger. Depending on humidity levels and weather, it might take longer or less time for your macarons to dry.
  • Pre-heat oven to 285ºF.
  • Bake one tray at a time.
  • Bake for a total of 20 minutes, or until the macarons are easily coming off the silicon mat.
  • Remember to rotate the tray every 5 minutes, to ensure even baking.
  • Baking time might vary depending on your oven.
  • Let macarons cool down before filling.
Vegan Vanilla Buttercream
  • Place the butter and shortening in the bowl of an electric mixer.
  • Whip on medium for about 1 minute, until fluffy and combined.
  • Add the powdered sugar and mix on low until combined. Raise speed and cream for another minute.
  • Add vanilla.
  • If you notice the buttercream is too stiff or dry, add a bit of non-dairy milk, or water, 1 teaspoon at a time.
  • If the buttercream is too runny, maybe the butter is too hot. If the butter is room temperature, then maybe you need to add more powdered sugar to the buttercream.
  • I divided my buttercream into 4 bowls and colored 3 of the bowls with blue, purple, and pink food coloring.
  • Then, I laid a piece of plastic on the counter, and made one strip of each different color buttercream lengthwise on the plastic. Rolled the plastic onto a log, and inserted it in a piping bag fitted with my tip of choice.
To assemble
  • Pipe a dollop of buttercream on each bottom shell. Top with a shell with sprinkles.
  • Make sure to let macarons mature in the fridge for 24-48 hours before serving. They will have a much better consistency and flavor.
  • Let macarons sit at room temperature for 10 minutes before enjoying.
To store
  • Keep the macarons in the fridge for up to 7 days, or in the freezer for up to 2 months.


Aquafaba is the water you obtain from cooking chickpeas (or other legumes). The aquafaba I use is water drained from a chickpea can. Some people use the juice from other beans also, and some people like to boil their own dry chickpeas to obtain the aquafaba, and you can do that, but make sure to study what are the best ratios water:chickpeas so your aquafaba is concentrated enough
Aquafaba: I used to reduce the aquafaba before. But I don’t reduce it anymore, and not only it works perfectly, but also it’s way less work.
Macaronage: If you are acquainted with making regular (egg white) macarons, one of the clues about knowing when the batter is ready to be piped, is when you can grab some batter with the spatula and start drawing a figure 8, if the batter doesn’t break up as you draw a few figure 8 shapes, that means the batter should be ready. However, I am learning with vegan macarons that it’s optimal to stop folding the batter right before it reaches this stage. Please watch my videos on youtube, as you can see in the videos what the batter should look like.
If the batter reaches the ribbon stage it’s over folded and the macaron feet will spread out in the oven. Don’t let the batter reach the ribbon stage.
Thick batter: If the batter is too thick while mixing, add a teaspoon of aquafaba as you mix, until you obtain the perfect consistency.
Oven thermometer: Please make sure to have an oven thermometer! I receive a lot of troubleshooting questions and the great majority are issues caused due to not having an oven thermometer. Read this post for more detailed information about how important this is.
Oven temperature: Please experiment with your own oven temperature. Temperatures will vary depending on your oven and technique. It’s important to experiment and see what works best for your own oven. In my old oven I used to bake this same recipe at 310ºF. However, with my new oven, I bake it at 285ºF. This comes to show that the temperature will vary greatly depending on your own oven. Please experiment and find out what works best for you.
Tray rotation: some bakers don’t need to rotate their trays when baking macarons. If your oven bakes evenly and doesn’t have any hot spots, you might be able to skip the tray rotation.
Troubleshooting: if your macarons are exploding, flattening out, with the feet spreading to the sides, that can mean a few things:
1- hot oven (make sure to have oven thermometer and experiment with the optimal oven temperature for your oven).
2- over mixed batter. It’s really easy to over mix vegan macaron batter. Mix it just until it starts to flow. Watch the videos on my youtube channel for reference.
3- under whipped meringue: make sure the meringue has really stiff peaks. It can take some time. Just be patient.
Buttercream: You can use a combo of butter and shortening, like I am doing here, or use all butter, or all shortening, replacing the amount of one with the other.
Keyword macarons, vegan

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  1. Hello! Thank you for your recipe. I’m going to try it tomorrow. How much in gms would you say aquafaba is in your recipe?

      1. In your post recipe notes you say that you used to reduce the aquafaba but don’t anymore…but in many comments I see you giving reduction instructions. I’ve made vegan macs before but lost the recipe that I used so I’m on the search for a new one and your recipe seems promising. But before I invest these ingredients and time (and patience) I’d love to know this bit of information. Thanks!

    1. Once I froze my aquafaba, and when I defrosted and went to use it it looked super weird so I didn’t even attempt to use it because I didn’t want to risk wasting all the other ingredients. But maybe it was just that specific aquafaba, or maybe it would have turned out fine if I had used it. So I guess it’s a matter of experimenting.

        1. some people use coconut flour, or sunflower seed flour, I havent experimented with those so I am not sure if the amount would be the same. I assume you might need less coconut flour since coconut flour soaks up a lot of humidity.

  2. Hello! Is it really important to rotate the tray? Aren’t the macs gonna go flat if I open the oven and do that? Thank you for the recipe!

    1. Hey there, the macarons aren’t going to go flat, it’s actually good to open the oven every now and then when making macarons specially if your oven is like mine and tends to spike up the heat. And yes it’s very important to rotate the tray not to have lopsided macarons. They is no leavening agents in the macarons such as baking soda and baking powder, so you don’t have to worry about the macarons going flat or sinking because of opening the door.
      Thank you for your question! 🙂 have a happy day!

  3. 1 star
    I just tried your recipe. I followed to the tee. The aquafaba reached nice stiff peaks. I used a brand new package of super fine almond flour, ultra-fine bakers/caster sugar, sifted twice and used your measurements. I did not get past the folding, which was nearly impossible because the batter was way too thick. I have yet to find a recipe online that is accurate or that works so I was hoping maybe yours woujld. I understand that they are difficult and finicky to make, but you must start out with proper measurements. I used a gram scale. Sorry, but the recipe did not at all work for me and I just wasted another batch of ingredients.

    1. Sorry if the recipe didn’t work for you. It does work for me and it has worked for many people who have tagged me on instagram and reported success with the recipe. And some also came to me asking for help because theirs didn’t work. When it comes to macarons, it’s about technique, and practicing until you get the hang of it. Hope you someday find a recipe and method that works for you once you’ve practiced enough. Next time when that happens and if the batter is too thick that you can’t even fold it, add a bit of whisked aquafaba to thin it out and keep folding, and it will come together nicely. Just keep adding by the teaspoon until you have achieved a nice consistency. Have a lovely day.

      1. I had the same problem. 🙁 The aquafaba whipped up really great, but I think it was just too much dry ingredients to incorporate. I would have tried adding more aquafaba, but I didn’t have anymore to add. I’m going to give it another attempt soon, but don’t know how many chick peas I can eat!. They say you can use liquids from other beans. Does that work as well? Every recipe I looked at says “from chickpeas”. Thoughts?

        1. Yes try adding a couple more tablespoons of aquafaba next time! I hope it works for you! And you can use liquid from other beans, I’ve seen people make it with black beans, northern beans, white kidney beans, fava beans, etc…

          1. Second attempt was better but now I got volcanoes. First tray attempted at 310F second tray at 280. I saved a few to try the silicone mat. No volcanoes but stuck to mat. 😰 any ideas what to try next?!?

          2. very important question, do you have an oven thermometer?
            The ones that got stuck to the mat probably just had to bake a little longer.
            The volcano ones probably happened due to high temperature, so lowering the temperature will help. And if they are stuck to the mat they need to be baked longer.

    1. I do hear of people making with regular not sodium free chickpeas so I’d give it a go, but I feel like when I use them my results aren’t the same, which could also be due to other conditions, and not the chickpea itself.
      Thank you

  4. 4 stars
    Hi friend!

    I followed your recipe and everything was going perfect until the 12 minute mark in the oven. The macarons expanded, cracked and expanded out rather than up. What did I do wrong?

    Thank you!

    1. It could be oven temperature. Do you have an oven thermometer? It is essential to have an oven thermometer when baking macarons
      It could be over mixed batter, you may have folded the batter too much.
      It could be under whipped meringue.

  5. 1/3 Cup reduced akwaaba of 3/4 Cup garbanzo bean brine. Please tell me how much exactly in grams is ready confident aquafaba?

  6. 5 stars
    I’ve made this twice now, and neither attempt worked out perfectly, but I’m still learning the overall macaron-making technique. I’m learning so much more with each batch I make, and your blog is a huge part of that journey. Your instructions are very thorough and I especially love your videos – I hope you continue to make more!

    Quick question – how long does the reduced aquafaba store in the fridge? I saw on another comment that you wouldn’t recommend freezing, but can I create several batches of aquafaba at once to use over the course of a few days? Planning to attempt macarons 2 or 3 more times this weekend and it would save lots of time if I can prep all the aquafaba at once.

    1. Hello Samantha, thank you so much for your comment! I will definitely continue to make videos!Right now I am working on a book so for the next few weeks I will be slow on the video making, however I have lots of video content planned for the next few months! 🙂
      So, the aquafaba in the fridge will last a few days, maybe 3 or 4. Just make sure to look at the appearance of the aquafaba, give it a stir, and make sure it looks fine before using it.
      Thank you and let me know if you have any questions!! Have a great day!

      1. Thanks!

        Another quick question – I tried this recipe again this morning, but no matter how much I folded, the batter never seemed to thin… Is it 110g of almond flour pre-sifting or is that measurement for sifted flour?

  7. 4 stars
    I made these macarons today! Everything was going very very well until about 15 minutes into baking. The bottoms of the macarons became wider and expanded not only up but outwards while baking. The bottoms became golden brown and the inside became hollow…. please help.

    1. 1 star
      I’ve made non-vegan macarons before and they came out pretty good. I was excited to try a vegan recipe. I’ve tried this twice both with no success. First first time is my fault since I didn’t see you were supposedly to store the aquafaba reduction overnight and I was impatient. The second time, I had the all aquafaba set. Things were going great until it came to the sugar and flour mixture. I folded and folded and still, it’s not right. I can’t even get to the baking stage it’s that off. I followed the directions exactly so I’m pretty mad. I see in other comments that maybe more aquafaba can help but it’s too late to save this current batch and I’m not wasting time or ingredients on this recipe again. ☹️ Buttercream was great though so I guess that’s a bonus.

      1. The same way there’s a learning curve with regular macarons there is also one with vegan macarons. Better luck next time. Wish you a great day

  8. So bummed. I made these today and everything was looking gorgeous until the last 8 or so minutes. They expanded sideways and ran together. Hoping to try again soon but I was so bummed. Not sure if the oven was too high or if they didn’t dry as much as they should’ve. I was extra bummed because I’d already made the buttercream and it went to waste😔

    1. Hi! I’m a beginner trying my hand at macarons (vegan or otherwise) for the very first time. I tried whipping my aquafaba, but it simply could never reach stiff peaks. I added the cream of tartar, and made sure my stainless steel bowl was free of oils/grease, and let the aquafaba chill in the fridge for a few hours. I used a hand mixer to mix it, but it always stayed at soft peaks. I ended up spending about 2 hours waiting for the aquafaba to whip but it never did. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

      1. The other day this happened to me, I whipped my aquafaba forever. I had to discard it because it wasn’t forming any peaks at all. I suspect it was the brand I was using, which was a new brand. Also, I haven’t been reducing my aquafaba anymore, and it works this way. Maybe it had something to do with the aquafaba I’m not really sure, but this literally happened to me this week. And when I used a different brand (I have like 3 types of chickpeas in my pantry) it worked and whipped. But experiment next time also without reducing the aquafaba, it should work fine, and eliminate that step. Buy a couple of different brands of chickpeas and experiment with them.

  9. 2 stars
    I frequently use your recipes for regular macarons (non vegan) and they come out great, but I followed this recipe to the letter and they had huge feet that all ran into each other, and they were stuck to the silpat. They looked perfect until about 5 minutes into the baking. Went straight in the trash, not sure what happened there?

    1. over mixed batter, oven temperature being too high, under whipped meringue, all of the above can cause your macarons to do that. if you are not used to baking vegan macarons, you have to keep practicing to improve your technique, because they are different than regular macarons

    2. Hi Camila ..i tried your vegan macaron recipe couple of came out good on my 3rd attempt but after that it’s just not working ..I am not sure what I am doing wrong as I following the same way I did before ..I also bought oven thermometer, measuring all ingredients on scale and been following every step but just not getting it right..will keep trying but am not sure where and what is the problem.

        1. 4 stars
          Thank you for responding so quick…Everytime it’s different..sometime no feet, sometime cracked shells, expanded sides..that’s the reason I am not understanding what I am doing wrong

          1. are you letting them rest until they are dry to the touch? is it more humid or hot weather now?
            watch the macaronage and stop before forming the figure 8 stage. fold less time if they are expanding to the sides.
            That will also cause cracked shells.

    1. I believe some people use the same amount of vinegar instead. You can try omitting it also. It helps make the meringue more stable, but you can go without.

    1. I have never made it with another flour, but some people make it with stuff like sunflower seed flour, all-purpose flour, etc. But I have never attempted it.

  10. Hey there! Thank you for posting a video along with your recipe! My first attempt went not so well, but I’ll be incorporating your tips and adjust my technique accordingly. Thank you for your guidance and advice. I’ll be posting my successful batch soon;)!!!

  11. Hello how are you. I tried this recipe today but my peaks were not as hard as yours, at the end my final batch was quite runny and in the oven they expand and became whole inside, it was a disaster. What can I do to make the aquafada more stiff?. I did all the measurements.

  12. I am so sad, I wish I could post a photo. I read many other comments here but didn’t see anyone else with the same problem as me. My batter was great and piped out wonderfully onto my sheet trays. I let them form a nice solid exterior to the point where it was dry and again, they still looked great. From there, I baked them and rotated after 5 minutes. They were amazing and started forming their feet! When I went to do the second rotation at the 10 minute mark, ALL of the macarons had deflated and the batter inside of them had pooled out of the side of the cookies. Now I basically have a bunch of top shells with batter connecting all of the cookies. The only thing that seemed to mess up my cookies was the rotation, not sure what happened at all!!! So sad right now 😭😭

    1. That means high oven temperature. Do you have an oven thermometer? I’d recommend to definitely have an oven thermometer. Also, reduce the temperature of your oven, I’ve been baking mine at 285F, and sometimes I use a double tray, because my new oven is different than my previous one, and when baking macarons, you have to figure out the oven and how to make it work for your batches. Best of luck. If you’d like, you can send me pics on instagram dm or on my email camila (at) piesandtacos . com.

  13. Sorry to say but the measurements are off.. that is just way too much dry ingredients to include to the meringue.. it does not work.. just wasted a bunch of ingredients..

    1. The measurements are correct, because I make this recipe constantly. Please read the notes of the recipe where it says if the batter is too thick, to add more aquafaba when mixing. a lot comes into play when making macarons, the brands you are using, how much you’ve whipped the aquafaba, how thick your almond flour is, this all comes into play. And if you are a beginner at this, you will probably have to bake macarons lots of times before you actually master them. It takes a lot of practice.

  14. thank you for the reply but this is not my first batch of macaroons.
    saying tht I have read your blog completely before starting and yet the wet to dry ingredients were off.
    I even started by reducing the aquafaba your way and still didn’t work.the 1/3 cup aquafaba does not yield/whip up the amount of meringue shown in the video.

  15. 5 stars
    First attempt at vegan meringues – taste great but oven evidently runs high as macarons sadly resemble tiny fried eggs 😞 with little hollow shells atop big splurging feet. Will try again at lower oven temp next time: converted 310F to 154C as I’m in the UK so clearly was too heavy handed with the temperature dial. Great recipe though – determined to persevere once the supermarkets have confectioners sugar back on the shelves.

    1. So with my old oven I used to bake at 310, with my new oven I have to bake at 285, so it is a matter of adjusting the oven temp, like you said. Thank you so much for your feedback, Mary! I appreciate it! 🙂

  16. Hi! I plan on trying these this weekend and I’m a beginner at macarons. I know oven temperature is important. Would you recommend starting with the lower temp at 285 rather than 310? I saw some comments of failed attempts due to the oven being too hot but not the other way around.

  17. 4 stars
    Hey. I agreed with comment below that the batter was sticky. I did extra aquafaba and was adding one teaspoon at the time. I used two different tray whit to different baking sheet. The first tray with parchment paper burned… I did rotate tray every 5 minutes. And I was checking if they’re ready. The top was soft. The second tray was with silicon backing sheet. Same time. They didn’t burn off but they cracked and the bottoms looks super shiny… I don’t understand what I did wrong 🙁

  18. As a veteran macaron baker, it wasn’t too hard for me to play around with the recipe to get what I wanted. From my experimentation, I found the dry ingredients in the above recipe to be slightly too high. I suggest the following, for every 60g of aquafaba, use 80g of almond flour and powdered sugar. My macarons came picture perfect, just the like those above when I tried it. When adding aquafaba didn’t word, I resorted to reducing the amount of dry ingredients. I hope this helps anyone with pending issues. What do you think about this Camila? In addition, for anyone who’s getting explosive macarons: don’t forget to deflate well, so really go through the macronage (just like in Camila’s youtube video) to get the right consistency and start out at maybe around 275 celcius. Thank you for the start up recipe Camila! Really helped me develop a good recipe for a vegan friend’s little sister who’s loves macarons but does not eat eggs.

    1. Thank you so much that’s great! Yes I believe it could help to reduce the amount of dry ingredients! Thank you so much for this note. If you don’t mind I will add it to my notes on the recipe above.

  19. Hi! I tried to make these, and they turned out hollow, no feet and looking like they had craquelin all over. It seems to have expanded up, not getting any feet. Can you tell me why? One batch, I did at 310, and another 285, and they turned out identical. Thanks! Something to not is that my meringue had slightly droopy peaks

        1. maybe. Could be many reasons, oven temperature, macaronage, etc. Do you have a pic I can see them? if you do email to me or dm on instagram. my email is “camila @ pies and tacos. com” (without the spaces)

  20. 5 stars
    This recipe was easy to follow & I made pretty looking macarons! Unfortunately, I over mixed my batter and therefore didn’t end up with chewy cookies, but that 100% on me. I’m looking forward to making this recipe again! I wanted to attach a picture, but I can’t do that here and I don’t have IG, but they really do look perfect!

  21. 4 stars

    Thank you so much for your recipe. I’m a new vegan and I’m trying out a bunch of new recipes. I followed this recipe what I think was to the tee, however, upon baking, all of the macarons began flattening out. When I went to check every 5 minutes and rotate them, I saw them slowly growing in size and fusing together. I didn’t know what to do and just decided to leave it and make one massive macaron because, in my opinion, there really wasn’t any fixing it. I was wondering if you could tell me what I did wrong?

    Thank you again!

    1. probably over mixed batter, or oven temperature.
      make sure you have an oven thermometer in place, play around with the temperatures to find out what works best for your oven
      mix the batter less.

  22. Hey! I tried this recipe today and I don’t think it’s working out. Everything was perfect I even made the figure J and 8. But it’s just not drying. I live in a humid city and its 28 degrees.
    It’s been 4 hours and it’s still not dried.
    Please reply!

    1. Was the meringue at stiff peaks?
      Maybe the batter was over mixed.
      I find that on humid days I have to stop folding the batter before it reaches the figure 8, or the macarons will be over mixed.
      Also, do you have ac, or a dehumidifier, or a fan you place the macarons under?

  23. If I plan to freeze after filling, do I need to mature in the fridge first or can they can straight into the freezer?

  24. 2 stars
    The whole recipe was going so well but mine really sank and spread in the oven I don’t know how to avoid that 🙁

  25. 5 stars
    This recipe is absolutely amazing! I need to work on figuring out the perfect oven temp for me, but overall these turned out great my first time making them! Thanks for the recipe!

  26. 5 stars
    I’m making my way through all of her vegan macaron recipes and they’ve been amazing! She was even kind enough to help me trouble shoot some issues I was having. Can’t wait to keep experimenting with these recipes!

    1. Thank you Therese! I am so happy to hear! Also stay tuned for the vegan macaron guides coming out tomorrow including a troubleshooting one 🙂

  27. 5 stars
    I’ve been making my way through all of her vegan macaron recipes and they’ve all been amazing! She was even kind enough to help me with some troubleshooting. I can’t wait to try more!

  28. I tried this recipe twice and the macarons just melted in the oven. I make macarons regularly so I’m pretty familiar with the consistency I am looking for in the batter. I let them set up and dry out for near an hour and none of them turned out. Very disappointing.

    1. They arent supposed to be like regular macarons. they arent regular macarons, Taylor. They are made with aquafaba, which is not the same as egg whites. So they have to be folded WAY less than regular macarons. If you read the recipe attentively, you would know that because not only I highlight it in the recipe but also in the notes, but I will copy it here for you:
      “Fold until the batter is flowing slightly. You don’t want the batter to be flowing continuously off the spatula. When it comes to vegan macarons, the folding time is very very brief. You are basically just looking to incorporate the dry ingredients with the meringue. Please watch the video to see what the consistency should look like. If you grab a spatula full of batter and hold it over the bowl, it should still be separating in chunks, and not flowing continuously on a ribbon. Do not get to the ribbons stage! If you get to the ribbon stage, the macaron feet will spread out in the oven.”

  29. Hi Camila! I know that you can’t really tell what’s going with my macs, but I thought I’d ask for some advice. I feel quite confident with the macaronage (I’ve got standard macs down pretty well), and am indeed getting better results by under-folding these (compared to my macs made with egg whites). Consistently having the same two issues regardless of the recipe I try though: irregular/lopsided feet, and completely hollow macs with a sticky bottom. The lowest setting on my oven is 285 F, but it’s a convection oven. Have tried baking on a very thick, glass tray, or a thin metal sheet. I start baking once the macs are dry on the outside. It takes quite some time for feet to form (and they never look good), and the surface of the macs is always crunchy. Thoughts? Thank you so much for your time and tutorial!!

    1. Do you have a way of getting an aluminum tray, since it’s a much better heat conductor?
      I dont recommend glass for baking macarons, and I am not sure what kind of metal sheet you’re using but I really recommend an aluminum tray instead. Lopsided feet can be from over resting the macarons, or the temp being too low, or uneven heat distribution. and if they are completely hollow with a sticky bottom, that means they aren’t baking enough, so the middle isn’t baking and getting a chance to form, and the bottom is sticking. So I recommend getting a better tray to bake the macarons, perhaps try a new baking mat, or try teflon sheets, which are also great heat conductors.

  30. 5 stars
    Had to experiment with my heat(for my oven it has to be set to 240f), and macaronage but it turned out perfect this last time!

  31. 5 stars
    These turned out PERFECTLY. I’ve been working on making macarons for a while, and it took me a few tries, but ultimately this was the recipe that got me to actually make a finished macaron- WITH FEET! I set my oven to 295F because it runs a little cooler (so it was actually about 285, but not what the thermometer said), and really really made sure that the meringue was in stiff peaks. Topped with vegan sprinkles, and they were perfect!! My entire family loved them, even though they’re not vegan, they couldn’t tell the difference!! My go-to macaron recipe from now on, and I can’t wait to try your other ones!

  32. 5 stars
    I’ve tried to make vegan macarons a couple of times with other recipes with not too great results, but this recipe worked perfectly! My Omni boyfriend was so impressed! Great recipe and instructions!

  33. Hi I reduced the aquafaba and its in my fridge setting… do I whip to stuff peaks while cold or does the Aquafaba have to be room temperature before I can start the meringue process??

    1. I don’t reduce the aquafaba anymore, as indicated in the recipe and notes, but when I used to, I’d let it sit for 10 minutes or so at room temperature before whipping

  34. Hi Camila. Please explain to me what is shortening? I can’t imagine what is that. Your vegan macarons shell receipe is so good, it came out in first try for me but i have problems in finding vegan creams to fill them up. Thank you.

  35. 5 stars
    Hi there! Thank you so much for your vegan macaroon recipes! The first time I made them, they were almost perfect. This time…I have made 5 batches and the inside keep coming out and they don’t get feet. Things I’ve tried: different oven temps from 285 to 310, making sure to not over fold (at least I think so) and inverting the pan so the silicone mat is on top so they get more even heat. The only difference from this time to the last time is I was using aquafaba straight from the can. This time I had frozen and thawed some and refrigerated some. I’m just really stumped.

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