How to throw a Peter Rabbit Birthday Party

My son Luke got a Peter Rabbit Birthday Party this year!!

Luke turned 2 years old, just a day before Easter! So the theme seemed fitting and I decided to throw a small brunch for our closest family and friends!

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It was a very very small party, since it was hosted at our very small apartment!

But I made the best out of it, and tried to focus on the little details that would make this a great party!

We had some fun Peter Rabbit party favors, with some small toys, and also homemade chocolate eggs, made by yours truly! (I actually made way too many eggs, so now we are “stuck” eating chocolate!)

Peter Rabbit party favors

Whenever I throw a party or a dinner, I always try to focus on the small things, such as silverware presentation (don’t laugh!). Just to make the party cuter and more fun (at least for me, because I love doing this kind of thing).

Garden Party silverware

I feel really bad I couldn’t get a picture of everything. As soon as guests start to arrive, I devote my attention to them, and to the birthday boy, of course. And to putting food out! So, I guess you can say I had a lot on my plate and unfortunately, wasn’t able to get as many pictures as I would have liked.

Let’s break this party down!

The food

Since it wasn’t a lot of people, I couldn’t do a huge feast, but I still made more food than I probably should have.

We started with a charcuterie platter: Pistachio Mortadella, Prosciutto, Swiss cheese, Gorgonzola, Sopressata salami, cashew nuts, cranberries, grapes, strawberries, Alfonso olives, green olives. And two kinds of spreads, Roasted Red Pepper, and Smoked Provolone and Parmigiano.

charcuterie board for a garden party

The Smoked Provolone and Parmigiano spread was actually made by my dad. And it was a big big hit!! So, a huge shoutout to my dad for all the help he has given me! And all the dishes he has washed, because I tend to make a LOT of dishes (sorry, dad!).

We also had Thyme Sourdough Focaccia, and some crusty Sourdough Boule (not pictured) to go with the charcuterie board.

I also prepared 3 varieties of finger sandwiches, on my homemade whole wheat and oats bread:

  • Pickled Celery Egg Salad with Avocado
  • Roast Beef, Arugula, Swiss cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Spread
  • Mozzarella, Pistachio and Arugula Pesto, and tomatoes.

Next, we had some mini quiches. The flavors were:

  • Asparagus, goat cheese and cherry tomatoes
  • Pancetta, pea and cheddar
  • Lion’s Mane mushrooms, ham and provolone cheese.

I did manage to photograph my mini quiches a day before! (yay)

And to round up the savories, I made pão de queijo, which are traditional Brazilian cheesy rolls made with sour cassava flour (tapioca flour makes for a great substitute, btw).

The drinks

Now that’s a real bummer I couldn’t get a nice picture of my drinks!!!! I am so upset!

I had Strawberry and Lemon flavored water, freshly squeezed Limeade, two beautiful pitchers of homemade Iced Coffee and Iced Tea! I even had a cute little container with some simple syrup to sweeten the drinks! Oh! And of course, Mimosas with freshly squeezed orange juice (thanks, dad, once again!)since the theme was Brunch!

I did get this picture of my mimosas, but it barely counts…

And now, onto my favorite part…

The desserts

This was the dessert table, before I can start specifying what is what here.

Peter rabbit cake table

First, let’s talk about the macarons.

We had 3 types of Macarons:

I wanted to keep the colors within the theme (blue, green and yellow).

We also had Blueberry Panacotta, as you can see above!

We had some cute little Bunny Tails, which were Brazilian Beijinhos (condensed milk coconut fudge balls YUM).

Still within the color palette, we had these delicious Dulce de Leche Cheesecake balls.

Not to mention the delicious Carrot Cupcakes (not gonna lie, I’m eating one right now as I write this blog post, that’s right!)

And to make it fun for the kids, I made these cute little cups with Milk and Chocolate chip Chunk Cookies.

If you want to hear about the cake, here’s the deal.

I started to make the cake about 2 weeks before the party happened. And that’s because of the fondant toppers!

It took me 4 attempts to get to a Peter Rabbit that I was pleased with. And of course, the morning of the party, Luke broke the ears of Peter Rabbit #4. So I had to use Peter Rabbit #3. I think it was ok, though, don’t you think?

The cake was vanilla. There were 5 layers of fillings. The top and bottom two layers were raspberry jam and the middle layer was a delicious and superb Macadamia Buttercream! On the outside, Swiss Meringue Buttercream, cause that’s my ultimate favorite!

And I wish I had a picture of the inside to show to you, but I have no cake left, so I do apologize about that!

And of course, I did have a lot of fun making this party happen! But to me, the most fun thing was to be able to give my son a beautiful birthday!

I worked so hard, planning, organizing, cooking, decorating, in order to make this the perfect day!

And this birthday boy deserves it!

He had the most fun blowing the candles! I think that was his favorite part about the party. Oh, and eating the Panacottas, which were his favorite!!










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  1. Loved everything about this Bday party!!!
    Stunning cake and food, fantastic theme! Decoration… Love then all.
    Wishing Luke a very happy and blessed Bday and many more to come!

  2. The concept and final efect is amazing. I wish I could be a guest of this party 😉 Happy birthday to your lovely kid! 🙂

  3. Your pictures are amazing! I like all of Peter’s birthday goodies, but my favorite are those Lemon macaroons. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Camila! I love everything about this! You are so talented and creative, plus your food is so yummy sounding! I love that your dad makes amazing things too! What a wonderful family!

  5. The charcuterie platter looks amazing and the pickled egg celery salad sounds divine, but the Peter Rabbit cake has to be the real showstopper here!

  6. So darn cute and fun! I love the theme, the cake. I love everything! I need you to make my sons cake for his next bday party haha!

  7. Such a cute party theme and WOW! That food spread looks incredible! I wish parties I went to had spreads like that. Haha!

  8. Oh my – what a spectacular birthday party!! Luke is lucky to have a mama like you 🙂 Your fondant work on the cake is outstanding!! Thanks for sharing this – definitely some good ideas in here for me to use at my next party 🙂

  9. Wow, that was great. Looks so delicious and I am sure kids loved it and the food presentation, the decoration, and the theme were so perfect. Thanks for sharing your idea with us.

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