Why Did My Cupcakes Sink?

I am sure that if you have baked enough, you’ve encountered this issue: cupcakes that sink in the middle.

There are a few reasons why cupcakes sink in the middle.

1) You opened the oven door too early. Opening the oven door too early can let cold air in. The cold air can cause the cupcakes to contract or collapse.

2) Expired leavening agents If the baking powder or baking soda you are using are expired or old, your cupcakes may sink in the middle. 

3) Over creaming the butter. If you beat too much, you will end up incorporating way too much air into the batter, and when the cupcakes bake, they will rise rapidly and then collapse.

4) Over beating the eggs. For the same reason: too much air being incorporated in the batter which will cause the cupcakes to rise rapidly and collapse.

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