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Welcome to the Macaron School, one of my favorite corners on my blog Pies and Tacos. Here you will find my best resources that will be so helpful in your macaron baking journey.

Making macarons is a skill that can be learned and mastered as long as you dedicate time studying about it, and most importantly, practicing it.

That’s why I created this space, where you will be able to easily find my recipes, best tips, troubleshooting guides, and more information that will be so helpful to your learning experience.

What You Need To Know About Macarons

tools gathered for making macarons, mixer, small pan, eggs, scale, sifter.

Macaron Tools

Let’s talk about my favorite macaron tools and products I use to make my macarons!

assorted macaron flavors

Macaron For Beginners

Making macarons for the first time? Here is what you need to know!

soft macaron shells, cracked on top.

Macaron Troubleshooting

Let’s cover most of the issues you may encounter while making macarons, how to identify them and how to fix them

Meringue for Macaron School

Macaron Science

Let’s learn the science behind making perfect macarons.

Macaron Tips and Tricks

Macaron Tips & Tricks

Let’s learn some very valuable tips that I have learned over the past 6 years or so of making macarons.

Recipes with Macaron Shells

Have any failed macaron shells? I can show you what to do with them!

Galaxy Macarons purple, black, and blue macarons with silver shimmer.

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Vegan Macarons Tips and troubleshooting

Vegan Macaron Tips & Tricks

Let’s learn some vegan macaron tips and tricks. Also, learn some of the issues you may encounter while making vegan macarons, how to identify them and how to fix them!

Macaron School All vegan macaron Recipes

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