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Galaxy Macarons

These beautiful Galaxy Macarons are black, blue, and purple, with a silver shimmer! They are fun to make and absolutely gorgeous!

To make these Galaxy Macarons, we are making just one batch of the macaron batter. Divide the batter between three different bowls, then color the batter you’re working with.

After the batters are colored and ready, keep the batter in separate piping bags, then snip the ends of the piping bags and insert them in a larger piping bag.

The different colors will come out together and will blend in a beautiful and defined swirl. This is a super cool way to make fun macaron shells.

I did the same with the frosting. I made a simple Vanilla American Buttercream, and separated it into 3 different bowls, colored each bowl a different color.

Just a quick note, this is the Silver Luster Dust that I used to sprinkle on top of the shells before baking.

Make sure to use gel food coloring, not liquid. For all the colors here I used Americolor. I recommend going easy on the food coloring, as it can alter your batter a lot, and it can take extra mixing time.

These macarons look gorgeous and taste delicious! The look absolutely out of this world..

Same technique, different flavors

01 Cinnamon Roll Macarons

02 Blood Orange Macarons

03 Mint Chocolate Macarons