Earl Grey Macarons

Earl Grey is probably my favorite type of black tea. I’ve been loving experimenting with it in my baking as well!

Earl Grey tea is a blend of black tea enhanced with bergamot oil. Its flavors are floral, sweet, assertive, yet smooth, and slightly lemony.

In these macarons you will find lovely floral and sweet notes. Tea time has never looked better!

For the filling of these Earl Grey Macarons, I decided to go with an Earl Grey Custard, and Earl Grey Buttercream.

To make both, we use milk infused with Earl Grey tea leaves. You can use loose leaves, or tea bags to infuse the milk.

Some recipe notes you may want to remember: Feel free to add more Earl Grey to the infused milk, if you would like a more pronounced Earl Grey flavor, you can even double the amount indicated in the recipe.

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