Strawberry Shortcake Cake


This Strawberry Shortcake Cake is a delicious take on the strawberry shortcake dessert. Creamy and light whipped cream, and sliced fresh strawberries, sandwiched between layers of fluffy vanilla cake

Let’s start by making the Vanilla Cake batter. The base is a regular vanilla cake. Mix the wet ingredients, then the dry ones; combine. Add the buttermilk as the recipe says.

Let's divide the batter between three 8-inch cake pans, greased, and lined with parchment paper in order to bake.

You will need fresh strawberries for the recipe. I like to mix the strawberries with a couple tablespoons of strawberries preserves or jam.

To make this Whipped Cream Frosting, I chose to add cream cheese to the recipe. Whip the cream cheese with half of the powdered sugar for one minute. Add the vanilla extract and mix to combine.

Mix, then, heavy cream with sugar. Combine both mixtures, folding gently so it doesn't deflate.

To assemble the cake, we'll sandwich the whipped cream, and sliced fresh strawberries between layers of fluffy vanilla cake, adding, of course whipped cream and whole strawberries to decorate.

This is a simple and easy cake to make, the results are beyond stunning and delightful.

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