Fig Macarons

These Fig Macarons are filled with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting and Fig Jam! I used a homemade fig jam to fill the macarons, but feel free to use store-bought.

I added a lot of food coloring to these Fig Macarons, however, this is a recommendation for beginner macaron bakers: please refrain from using a lot of food coloring, and maybe refrain from using any at all.

As I said earlier, you can use store-bought fig jam, especially because fig season tends to be so short. These macarons are so worth making!

Here's what you need for the fig jam: – fresh figs stemmed and halved – granulated sugar – honey – lemon juice 1 lemon

Here are some important notes: Macaron amount: it will vary greatly depending on how big you pipe the shells, and on how runny or thick the batter is. Baking time/temperature: Baking time and temperature will vary according to your own oven.