Cranberry Cheesecake Recipe

This cheesecake recipe is easy to make, the cheesecake is no bake, the only thing you will bake is the crust

The crust is a simple graham cracker crust, and you don't necessarily have to bake it, I do prefer to do so because otherwise the crust will be super crumbly.

The cheesecake batter is no bake and super easy to make. It takes: cream cheese, gelatin, lemon juice, and sweetened condensed milk.

After pouring some of the cheesecake batter on the pan, top with dollops of the homemade cranberry sauce.

Top with more cheesecake, and the remaining sauce, and swirl it all around.

Place in the fridge for a few hours before serving.

To decorate the top, I made some sugared cranberries, which are so easy to make.

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