Sunflower Macarons Recipe

Making the sunflowers out of buttercream was a labor of love, not because it’s too complicated, it’s actually easy once you get the hang of it.

But it takes a long time, considering I had made two batches of shells, and had around 40 macarons to decorate.


The piping tip I used to pipe the petals of the sunflower was the 59 S by Wilton. It is a petal tip with a curve in the middle, therefore the S in the name. You should also need some flower nails. The biggest tip I can give you when making these Sunflower Macarons is to always keep the piped sunflowers in the fridge of freezer

I think in the case of the Sunflower Macarons the brownie is also nice to have in the middle because since the macarons need a thick layer of buttercream frosting, you won’t be eating just pure buttercream, you’ll get some cake in the middle