Sourdough Banana Pancakes

Do you have a sourdough starter? Well if you do, you know one of the best practices of having a sourdough starter and keeping it healthy and alive, is to feed it frequently.

Whenever I am feeding my starter everyday, I end up with a lot of sourdough discard.

These Sourdough Banana Pancakes are some of my favorite things to make with my sourdough discard.

They are super easy, they use up a fair amount of discard.

Here is what we need to make these Sourdough Banana Pancakes.

Flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, melted butter, eggs, milk, and of course, banana and sourdough starter.

Here is a tip about the banana. The riper the banana, the more banana taste, and sweetness it will provide to your pancakes.

The method is very simple. Mix the wet ingredients together. And mix the dry ingredients together. Then pour the wet into the dry ingredients and voila.

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