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Raspberry Macarons

Raspberry French Macarons with raspberry jam filling and dark chocolate ganache.

Some tips here; egg white powder is not mandatory by all means. But it might help you obtain fuller shells, beautiful feet, and have a more stable meringue in general.

When choosing the almond flour for baking the macarons, look for the blanched finely sifted almond flour. It’s important that the almond flour is dry.

Now it’s time for choosing the brand of almond flour; my go-to is Blue Diamond Almond Flour. I also like Bob’s Red Mill Super-Fine Almond Flour. But I’ve heard Kirkland’s good as well!

Let’s talk about sifting the flour when making macarons; I sift my flour and powdered sugar only once, and don’t use the food processor at all.

To dry almond flour, spread it in a baking sheet on an even layer, and bake in the pre-heated 200ºF oven for about 30 minutes, stirring in between. Then let it cool down completely before using.

For the filling, I used raspberry jam, my homemade recipe, but you’re free to use a store-bought one! It's also interesting to add chocolate ganache, so that the jam won't spill.

These pink beautiful macarons are filled with Raspberry Jam and Dark Chocolate Ganache. They are absolutely delicious and perfect for your tea time; or even holidays, such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.

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