Pumpkin Brigadeiro Macarons

The beauty about brigadeiro is that it’s easy to make, has long shelf-life, doesn’t melt in hot weather, doesn’t get hard when it freezes, it can be made any flavor you want, and most importantly, it’s delicious.

It starts with 3 simple ingredients: sweetened condensed milk, butter, and pumpkin puree

Cook the mixture until it becomes thick for about 10 minutes. The secret is to not stop stirring

Remove the brigadeiro to a plate and let it cool down completely

To make the macaron shells, I brushed the piping bag with some orange food coloring before adding the batter in

To make the swirl effect on the shells

Whenever using this technique, make sure to let the macarons dry before baking

When both the shells and filling have cooled down, place the brigadeiro in a piping bag

Pipe the brigadeiro on the shells

Check out my website for the recipe