Orange Cake


This Orange Cake is so fluffy and soft, with a delicious Orange Syrup, and a tangy Orange Cream Cheese Glaze on top.

Let’s start by greasing the bundt pan. Grease the pans with butter, specially when using a bundt pan with a lot of details. Then sprinkle flour all over the pan. Shake off any excess flour.

To make the batter, start by making the orange sugar. Mix together orange zest and sugar.

Making the Orange Cake batter is as easy as it sounds, just make sure you check all the ingredients and their measurements. The key ones here are the Orange Sugar, orange juice and sour cream!

To make the Orange Syrup, add the water, orange peel, and sugar to a pan, bring to a boil. When the syrup comes to a boil, turn the heat off. Then, pour the syrup over the cake.

To make the Orange Glaze, beat the cream cheese and butter together. Add the powdered sugar and beat to combine. Then add the orange juice, and mix.

To decorate, pour the glaze over the cooled cake. Top with orange zest. Once the cake cools down, slice and serve.

The texture of this cake is super light and tender, and it’s bursting with orange flavor. This Orange Cake is perfect for breakfast, brunch, to serve for dessert, or afternoon tea time. You will find yourself making it again and again.

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