Nest Macarons

These Nest Macarons are filled with Cadbury Egg Buttercream and topped with a buttercream nest and mini Cadbury Eggs.

WHY ADD EGG WHITE POWDER TO THE MERINGUE? Egg white powder is nothing but dehydrated egg whites. Adding it to the meringue is the same as adding an extra layer of protein to its structure, which will provide you with a stronger meringue, and also a meringue with a lower water content.

This is the egg white powder I use and recommend:

When I first made the Spring Macarons with 100% carton egg whites, the meringue took forever to whip. Now this time around, with the addition of some fresh whites and also the egg white powder, the meringue whipped much faster.

WHY USE CARTON EGG WHITES? Carton egg whites are great for helping reduce waste of yolks. This is my main reason for trying them. They are also convenient and save time that you would have to separate the eggs, etc.