Minecraft Macarons

Today we are making special Minecraft Macarons! I made these for my son’s birthday! These square macarons are decorated with Minecraft’s theme: the pig, the creeper, and the pig.

Watch the video on this page or on YouTube to see how to make these Minecraft Macarons.

First things first, the templates for the macarons. I am offering two templates, one for the plain square, and one for the TNT macarons. Swipe up to get your templates.

I really recommend that you watch the video to learn how to pipe the shapes. It will be much more helpful than showing with images or explaining. However, I have also written detailed instructions that you can swipe up to get now.

Ok time for honesty, these Minecraft Macarons were not the easiest to pipe. It took me hours piping them. Specially the TNT ones.

MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FULL ARTICLE TO GET MY TIPS ON HOW TO PIPE SQUARE MACARONS. It is quite a labor of love, but I have immense patience for projects like this, so I was invested and very happy to make these Minecraft Macarons.

Swipe up now to get the full list of ingredients and the complete recipe.

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