Matcha Tiramisu

Prep Time: 40 Min

mascarpone cheese powdered sugar matcha powder water heavy whipping cream ladyfingers

Cook Time: 0 Min


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To make the matcha syrup, mix the water and sugar over medium heat, until the sugar melts. Turn the heat off. Add the matcha powder. Whisk. Let the syrup cool down while you make the mascarpone cream.

To make the mascarpone cream, start by making the whipped cream. Whip the heavy whipping cream with a stand mixer or with a hand mixer, until peaks form. Don’t over whip. Also make sure the cream is super cold. Set it aside.

Dissolve the matcha in water. Sift the matcha powder into a small bowl. Then add the hot water in. The water should be at about 175ºF, or 80ºC. Use a whisk, or a matcha whisk to incorporate.

To a large bowl, add the mascarpone, powdered sugar, and dissolved matcha. The mascarpone can be cold straight from the fridge. Whip with a mixer on medium speed, briefly, just until the cream comes together.

Then add the remaining whipped cream, and fold again. Once the mascarpone is mixed, add half of the whipped cream into the bowl. Fold with a spatula. The cream will be fluffy and light, slightly green and sweet.

After dipping the ladyfinger in the matcha syrup, lay it out on the bottom of a baking dish. Spread the half of the mascarpone mixture on top. Repeat the process.

Final product: Matcha Tiramisu

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