Macaron Flour Cookies

These Macaron Flour cookies only take a few ingredients, are versatile, and most of all, delicious!

Everybody that bakes macarons has a “failed” batch every now and then, specially if you are a beginner still trying to figure things out.


Here is one option: make these cookies! You can also make Macaron Pie Crust, macaron pops (cakesicles), brownies, crumble on top of ice cream, use in a layered dessert.

This recipe for Macaron Flour Cookies is super versatile. You can make different flavors, use different nut butters or chips.

Flavor 1- peanut butter with chocolate and peanut butter chips. Flavor 2- almond butter with white chocolate and dark chocolate chips. Flavor 3- peanut butter with a criss cross pattern on top.


– 1 cup nut butter 240 grams – 1 large egg – 3/4 cup macaron flour 75 grams – 1/4 cup chocolate chips