Lavender Macarons

These macaron shells are infused with lavender. I ground up some dried lavender buds and sifted with the dry ingredients.

And for the filling, we infused the heavy cream with lavender before adding to the white chocolate to make the ganache.

You could let the heavy cream and lavender infuse for 30 minutes, and then re-heat it before adding to the white chocolate when making the ganache.

A lot of people have issues when making white chocolate ganache. Here are some tips to help:

- Make sure to use good quality white chocolate, don’t use white chocolate chips, or candy melts. To be considered white chocolate, it must have at least 20% cocoa butter. - You can add 2 tbsp of butter to the ganache after incorporating the heavy cream. This will help make the ganache smooth and stable.

- Do NOT over heat the chocolate because it will separate and curdle. - If you place the ganache in the fridge, and it becomes too hard, you can always whip it with a mixer.

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