Gold Macarons

Today I will show you how to make Gold Macarons! These macarons are shimmering and beautiful! They are filled with a Baileys Ganache.

I made these Gold Macarons to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Initially, I wanted to make small gold coins for my Pot of Gold Macarons. And that’s why these macarons are filled with a Baileys Ganache, to fit the whole St Patrick’s theme.

With the batter for these macarons, I made both regular size macarons, and mini ones, because I wanted to make the little coins for the pot of gold.

To make the mini golden macarons, simply pipe them smaller. I piped a little drop that measured almost 1 inch on the baking mat.

Drying time and baking time will be shorter for the mini macarons. I usually bake my macarons 15 to 20 minutes, but the small ones took about 12 minutes, but I recommend checking at 10 minutes, or perhaps earlier depending on your oven.