Flan Cake

Flan Cake is a very moist chocolate cake under a silky flan, and don’t forget about the sticky caramel layer on top.

This is the type of dessert that you bring to a celebration, maybe an end of the year party. Impress your guests with this marvelous dessert, scrumptious treat!

This Flan Cake is also known as Chocoflan in Latin America. And it’s extremely popular because of being so delicious.

Flan Cake is also usually known as Magic Cake, or even Impossible Cake. And that’s because the batters invert as you bake the cake. Here are some tips on making this flan cake:

GREASING THE PAN. Grease your Bundt pan with some vegetable shortening.

CARAMEL To make the caramel, simply melt the sugar in a pan with a heavy bottom, over medium heat, ALWAYS stirring.

BAKING To bake the flan cake, use a water bath.

I have a feeling everyone will adore you by making this cake.

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