Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

This Dulce de Leche Cheesecake features a Graham Cracker Crust. It has swirls of dulce de leche throughout the creamy batter, and is topped with more dulce de leche.

Let’s start with the crust. In a bowl, pour the graham cracker or cookie crumbs, add the cinnamon, and the brown sugar. Mix to combine. Add the melted butter and mix.

While the crust cools down, make the cheesecake filling. Beat the cream cheese until creamy and fluffy. Add the brown sugar and granulated sugar to the bowl. Add the sour cream and mix.

Then, add the eggs. Add the sea salt, the vanilla, and mix to combine.

To make the Dulce de Leche Swirl, mix the dulce de leche with some of the batter, and cinnamon powder. Mix to combine.

To assemble the cheesecake, Pour some batter on the bottom of the prepared pan with the crust. Spread spoonfuls of the Dulce de Leche Swirl on top of the batter. Then swirl. Make layers of different batters.

Make sure to cook the cheesecake in a water bath, so that it’s thoroughly cooked.

To decorate the cheesecake, spread the dulce de leche on top. Sprinkle salted caramel crispearls, and crushed graham crackers on top of the cheesecake if you wish.

Are there any cheesecake fans over there?

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