Dragon Fruit Macarons

These beautiful macarons are filled with a Dragon Fruit Buttercream.

Watching the video is super helpful specially when learning how to make macarons. Swipe up to see my video on how to pipe these beautiful dragon fruit macarons.

Dragon Fruit is not precisely flavorful, it has a very mild taste. The pink pitaya powder by Suncore definitely tastes like dragon fruit, and it’s the best idea I could come up with to make the Dragon Fruit Macarons.

I do recommend that you swipe up to watch the video that will show you the technique to obtain the shells in the two colors as you see here.

if you want to learn more about macarons, check out Macaron School. I publish a lot of articles and information about macaron troubleshooting, tips for beginners, the tools I use, the science behind macarons, and much more!

Baking Tip:  Immediately sprinkle the poppy seeds on top. If you wait, the shells will dry and the seeds won’t stick.

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