Christmas Macarons

Let’s talk about all the Christmas Macarons that went in this amazing cookie box I bring to you today!

These Gingerbread Macarons were a big hit! They are filled with Gingerbread Buttercream.

I felt like Butterbeer would be the perfect Christmas Macaron flavor, since Harry Potter always has such a Christmassy feeling to me.

Next up, we have Peppermint Macarons! Peppermint is the perfect Christmas Macaron flavor, isn’t it? I had to include it in this box!

These Eggnog Macarons are THE ultimate Christmas Macaron flavor! I made them to include in my Christmas Cookie Box.

These Pecan Turtle Macarons went in the box! They are filled with Pecan Caramel Buttercream, topped with a Pecan Turtle Candy!

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