The Best Chocolate Macaron Recipe

There’s always a lot of buzz around chocolate macaron shells, it can cause many bakers to question their skills because chocolate shells are prone to having issues.

I will give you the best tips for success, how to troubleshoot your chocolate macaron issues, what is the best brand of cocoa powder to use.

Why do my chocolate macaron shells always fail?

First check your cocoa powder, make sure to use low fat cocoa powder. I prefer Hershey's. Also make sure you have a fresh container, cocoa powder can go stale.

Second, make sure to rest your chocolate shells before baking. A lot of times they crack because of not having rested enough.

And also, always make sure your meringue is whipped to stiff peaks. A weak meringue will cause the shells to crack.

Find out how long to fold the chocolate macaron batter, how to bake and store the shells.

I also offer two different filling options: a rich and easy chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache.

Find out how to make smooth and beautiful chocolate macaron shells with cocoa powder using the Swiss method.

Best Chocolate Macaron Recipe