Chocolate Coconut Cake Recipe

This is a rich and moist chocolate cake recipe

The chocolate cake batter is super easy to make!

Pro tip: weigh your bowl before making the batter so you can subtract the bowl amount of the final weight and easily divide the batter equally between your pans

Once the cake has cooled down, you can fill it. The cake is filled with coconut and chocolate brigadeiro

To make the chocolate brigadeiro you only need 4 ingredients: chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, butter, and heavy cream

The brigadeiro can be made ahead and you have to wait until it cools down to use it to frost the cake, but don't let it get hard in the fridge, keep at room temperature

The coconut brigadeiro is very similar, but made with coconut, sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, and butter

When frosting the cake, simply pipe a ring of the chocolate brigadeiro around the edges of the cake

And then fill the center with coconut brigadeiro

You can also pipe the brigadeiro in dots around the edges of the cake like I did on this mini cake of the same flavor

I made also a batch of coconut brigadeiro and chocolate brigadeiro without the heavy cream and rolled into balls to top the cakes

Grab the recipe on my website!