Champagne Macarons

These Champagne Macarons are filled with a delicious and incredible Champagne White Chocolate Ganache! I seriously wanted to eat that thing with a spoon, it was so good!

Whatever celebration you are having, these Champagne Macarons are sure to make it even more festive!

For the top of the Champagne Macarons, I simply mixed a tiny bit of champagne with some rose dust luster, and brushed on top of the shells.

Now, let’s talk about the delicious and scrumptious Champagne White Chocolate Ganache.

First, make sure you reduce the champagne. This will make sure you have a concentrated champagne taste, and it will help evaporate the alcohol of the champagne also.

Then, pour the hot champagne over chopped white chocolate. Make sure to use high quality white chocolate. Don’t use chocolate chips, they won’t work well.