Brown Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes

These pumpkin cupcakes feature brown butter in the frosting and also in the cupcake batter

Brown butter adds a nutty and rich taste to this delicious fall dessert

I also added pumpkin spice oreos to the bottom of the cupcake tins before adding the batter

You can leave the oreos out but they are such a delicious addition to these fabulous cupcakes

To make the brown butter pumpkin frosting, it helps to place the brown butter in the fridge for a few minutes before whipping

The frosting is creamy, aromatic, and has a deep fall flavor

Top the cupcakes with the frosting, I used a tip 6B

I made a pumpkin caramel sauce to drizzle on top of the cupcakes The sauce is not mandatory but highly recommended 😋

Find the full recipe on my website!