Brazilian Carrot Cupcakes With Brigadeiro

In Brazil, we have carrot cake filled or topped (or both) with Brigadeiro.  Our carrot cake itself is different than the traditional American carrot cake.

In American carrot cake, we usually add shredded carrots to the batter, in the Brazilian version we puree the carrots with the wet ingredients.  The results are visible at the end, Brazilian cupcakes are orange, while American ones are brown with orange streaks and spots, from the shredded carrots.

And while Brigadeiro itself is not your usual frosting, it’s used many times in Brazil to top and fill cakes and cupcakes.

Brigadeiros are a type of fudge made out of condensed milk, butter, and some sort of flavoring. Swipe up for my Brigadeiro recipe!

I always like to use chopped chocolate, or Callebaut callets for my brigadeiro.

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