Beet Pasta Mushroom Tortellini From Scratch

To celebrate the awesomeness of mushroom foraging, I decided to make these tortellini from scratch, with my fresh beet pasta.

They are very simple to make. It is a lengthy process though. The kind that I love. I love cooking projects like this one.

First, make the beet pasta, let it rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours. I usually make it the day before.

Roll it out with the pasta machine, preferably. Or a rolling pin if you are brave and determined.

Cut the pasta into circles, I used a cookie cutter. Then add in the fillings.

Now fold it over. Like a little empanada. Press slightly with your fingers to make the pasta stick together. Then simply join both ends of the semi circle just like this.

Swipe up for the full recipe and see how I cooked the tortellini afterwards!